Indoor Pool


Enjoy the Aqua gymnastic in our weekend – program or swim your own way. Our pool is also after dinner for you available.



Our Sauna-area is not the biggest one, but offers everything you need after a sportive day in our region and seek for relaxation of the muscles.

Beauty and treatments

From a classical massage to a Emperor-bath for two in our Thalagrotto, - enjoy the aromas in our high quality oils and essences.

Get some advises and let yourself seduce for one of our enjoyable treatments.

Our Beauty – section is more than only a bad weather program!!!


→ Massage

 Dipping into a world of well-being. Stock up new power.
Awaken your spirits - with a vitalizing or relaxing massage 



  • Combined massage (back & foot reflx) 45 min                    € 42,00
  • Medi Lymphatic Drainage (automatic)                                      € 20,00
  • Head massage 20 min                                                                  € 25,00
  • Partial massage 20min                                                                 € 28,00     
  • Reflexology 20 min                                                                        € 28,00             
  • Reflexology 45min                                                                         € 42,00            
  • Full body massage 45 min                                                            € 45,00                  
  • Honey massage 45 min                                                                 € 49,00       
  • Flavor massage 60 min                                                                  € 65,00
    • Orange
    • Coco
    • Lime-Mint                                       
  • Hot Stone                                                                                         € 90,00 

→ Baths in the thalasso grotto

Where the power of nature works...the body gets into balance.




(The detoxifying effect of a 20-minute sole bath corresponds

to a three-day healing fasting cure)

€ 30,00



(This bath consists of the brown alga "Laminra Digita" and microfine

red algae. It has a detoxifying effect.)

€ 28,00



(Orange oil, high quality essential oils, minerals and vitamins

give the entire skin a pleasant feeling)

€ 28,00


Cleopatra honey

(Treat yourself to a luxurious milk-honey bath like Cleopatra back then.

Makes dry skin velvety soft.)

€ 28,00



(Scented skin experience, which should not be missed.)

€ 28,00



(Enjoy a romantic bath with two glasses of sparkling wine for two.)

€ 30,00


→ Boday treatments

Feel the invigorating and activating massages and enjoy the energetic and effective packs for your body.


Full body peeling                         € 28,00

Body pack                                     € 30,00

Full body massage                    € 45,00

Peeling, pack                                € 50,00

Peeling, massage                        € 60,00

Peeling, massage, pack              € 80,00




Chocolate treatments

Chocolate pack                                € 30,00

Chocolate massage 60 min            € 60,00


Full body pack


  • Orange pack (beneficial and ambrosial)
  • Chocolate pack (brisk Anti-Age-Care)
  • Algae pack (purifying)
  • Cleopatra pack (amarous beautiful)
  • Slab pack (detox and purifying)


 € 30,00 per pack


→ Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an Indian cure with millennia-old tradtion. It is a holistic medicine and literally means "knowledge of life". Ayurvedic massage is a combination of skin care an spiritual refreshment. The oils is gently, but massaged into the skin with powerful movement and for a short time you float in another world.


Art Reum

(with this treatment you can reconcile your physical and mental harmony with

the combination of essential oils and osmotic fango)

€ 80,00



(the traditional Ayurveda full-boday massage with specially prepared Ayurvedic oils is

massaged into the skin with specific movements for a special effect)

€ 80,00



Indoor Pool

Not only for the sportive


If steam or bio sauna, Infrared or just relaxing?

Beauty and treatments

All sins get treated in our beauty-section